About MU Universe

MU Universe is the blog of two people “addicted” to Mu Online Game who decided to share their passion with their friends and exchange informations related to the game.

MU Online is more than a game. Is an Universe once your into it, you can’t get out. Wanna find out why? Because it gets addictive and it’s to beautifull to quit. You just log in and remain logged in as long as the free time you have permits you. If you don’t have free time, you make free time… and what we like the best in game… people don’t forget to say “hello” and “good evening” (some of them of course).

We think you got the point (especially those who knows about the game and plays it frequently)… the others just wait couple of days and you’ll get more and more curious as you read our blog.

Enjoy it, and let’s begin to post, shall we? 😀


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